Low-tech Minimalism – Play Vases by Swiss Designer Miriam Josi

At first sight, one is immediately taken by the delicacy of these vases. The narrow, cylindrical glass is surrounded by pale geometric mycelium shapes combined in a way that makes each creation a standout.

Miriam Josi is a Swiss artist who has studied all over the world. She calls her work low tech minimalism and is known for using simply constructed objects to create more advanced shapes and designs. She uses small scale production to integrate the utmost attention to detail into her artwork.

It is endearing to find that Josi’s PLAY vases were inspired by children’s building blocks. This comes through, not only in the shapes she uses, but in they way they invite users to touch, interact with and experience these totem pole like designs.

The vases are also eco-friendly. The biodegradable mycelium structures are grown from hemp found in agricultural waste and colored cotton scraps. The materials are combined to provide a terrazzo like finish and a unique result.

The mycelium is then seemingly wrapped around the glass in various geometric shapes. The materials play against each other perfectly as the glass’s smooth surface offsets the rough texture of the vegetative substance.

Beyond being beautiful, the pieces are also practical. The glass cylinders that hold the water can be removed and washed. They are durable and recyclable. The mycelium provides protection and stability for the structures.

These vases are suitable for holding bouquets of vibrant flowers but, because of their delicate nature, you may want to limit the number of flowers you put in them. Showcasing one or two roses, lilies or a few branches of baby’s breath will be perfect for bringing out the simple design of the vase as well as the beauty of the flowers.

Their modern aesthetic makes them perfect for contemporary and industrial décor. However, since they are so elegant, they may also work to complement vintage and cultural looks.

Josi has outdone herself in creating vases that may be as beautiful as the flowers they hold. The geometric design brings them into the new era while the sophisticated look makes them a classic. When you consider the eco-friendly elements that are incorporated, they are a welcome addition in any household.



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