The Utility of Things – Gather Vases by Product Designer Sam Anderson

I like to notice all the ways in which designers can direct us as users without us even knowing. It’s almost as if unconsciously we know how these objects work and in what ways we need to interact with them. I suppose Dieter Rams is a pioneer in this regard, his furniture systems and products designed for Braun were all based on utility.

It was because of this reason I was drawn to the work of Sam Anderson, a product designer currently based in Toronto, Canada. This series is titled ‘Gather’ and is a collection of vases made from borosilicate glass. The idea behind the project was to extend the process of arranging the flowers in the vase by guiding the user with the form, using a funnel-like shape to direct the foliage upward or outward.

In a way it’s a simple design trick, but it’s these little details that I really appreciate. Not only are these vases intriguing to look at due to the shape of them, they are also satisfying on the eye and in a way alleviate the styling of the flowers inside. Here’s a selection of imagery from Sam’s portfolio, I especially like the frosted glass as it blurs the lines of the stems beneath the rim of the vase. Enjoy.


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