Concours by Toby Morris

I think when you appreciate well made objects with an individual twist you’re always going to be drawn to articles of the past. Particularly now the preference for many manufacturers is speed and low cost, it’s hard not to admire the chair thats been constructed in days and not minutes for example. So with this appreciation for product from the past I’ve brought across a short film from Toby Morris which follows Australian car restorer Gavin King and his company Concours.

In quite a concise video we get a glimpse of the ongoing projects in their workshop, seeing the very early restoration of a car initially before catching a peak of a few of the classic cars that Gavin and the team have already completed work on. It’s great to see this type of work going on as there’s a real art to bringing something to it’s former glory, every job must present it’s challenges thats for sure.

If I’m being completely honest I was pretty disappointed this didn’t go on for longer, I would have loved to see more of the actual process of a restoration but this is quite an enjoyable piece so I can’t really complain. In some respects this is a compliment to how enticing the film below is so hopefully Toby can take this on the chin and keep capturing such inspiring stories. He’s quite a young chap so I’d recommend checking back with him in the future over on Vimeo.


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