Perception Shift – Offset Furniture by Philippe Malouin for Resident

It’s interesting how only a shift in just a few centimetres can change not only the perspective but also the atmosphere surrounding an object. This series titled ‘Offset’ by British-Canadian designer Philippe Malouin has legs that jut out slightly from the top surface, giving this collection a quirky aesthetic that certainly catches the eye.

Built from solid oak wood, the legs are attached by an off-centre threaded connector, a simple technique that shows that you don’t always have to reinvent the wheel to produce works that are one of a kind. Often it just requires approaching the design process from a different viewpoint and challenging certain production techniques.

My particular interest in this series is when we examine the orientation of the table and stools. There’s a sense of play and sculpture in the way these are situated in the home and makes for an intriguing set of sculpture that is always changing. Certainly unique as furniture tends to be very structured and static. I hope you enjoy these and will view more of Philippe Malouin’s collection page on the Resident website linked below.


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