Focusing on Construction – Stools and Chairs by American Design Studio Makr

For me one of the most exciting parts about working on a project and persevering with it is that you can watch people innovate and see their project develop. I also think it’s about the connections you make with the different people and how you can bounce off each other. Let’s face it, no idea is truly unique and usually come from many different sources, I thank the blog here for being a Pinterest-like format for my mind that has given me the chance to delve deeper in to my inspirations and gain more knowledge about these creative people that I admire.

Makr is a brand that we’ve stocked in the store and is a company that I’m very fond of. For one, they are homegrown out of Floria and base themselves there, it’s just a company of friends who work together to create really great products with simplicity and craftsmanship in mind. I knew about their transition in to furniture a few years back but it’s been great to see where they’ve gone with it and I wanted to highlight their furniture here today.

On the Makr website you can now see a full range of stools and chairs in different woods and metal colours, they’ve also put together a special feature on the Tropical Stool and how it was constructed. I think Makr have a real talent for the way they capture their projects and tell their story through imagery, it highlights their work in the best possible light. I hope they can continue on for a long time to come as they inspire me a lot, enjoy.