Knoll Space

This weekend I’ve been taking some serious inspiration from Knoll and a section on their website titled “Space”. It’s basically an interactive tour of inspirational residences which feature classic and new designs from Knoll, showcasing ideas on how to make the most out of your space.

Knoll was originally founded in 1938 and the company is very much rooted in design, working with like minded individuals and creatives. I remember reading a quote once from Knoll saying, “We beleive good design is good business”, I have to agree, it’s really paid off for Knoll in the long run making them a design leader worldwide. Interestingly enough their products are exhibited in major art museums, with more than 40 pieces in the permanent Design Collection of The Museum of Modern Art in New York. Terrific stuff.

Obviously with me being a fan of timeless design I couldn’t help but pull out a selection of imagery from this Knoll inspiration page. Many of the greats that I’ve been studying over the year feature, including George Nakashima, Jens Risom, Eero Saarinen, Frank Gehry and the almighty Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. What surprised me looking through the series is the vast amount of furniture Mies van der Rohe actually produced and how it’s all so consistent, quite a variety as well. You can flick through some classics such as the MR Lounge chair, MR table, Flat Bar Brno Chair, Four Seasons Stool, Barcelona table amongst many others.

Your eyes are definitely going to be in for a treat today, check out some of my favourites below and head towards the Knoll Space website where you can flick through all the different thumbnails and interiors at your own will.


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