Rediscovering Norwegian Design – Furniture Handcrafted by Eikund

Eikund is forging a path of rediscovery in the history of Norwegian Design. This company, located in Hellvik, Norway has been scouring public and private records to uncover hidden gems to bring to the public eye. Their collection is not a body of work completed by a single artist, but rather a conglomeration of designers working during the mid-twentieth century. These pieces have clear inspiration from the modernistic trends of the time, being simple, functional, and beautifully crafted.

Currently, Eikund builds three kinds of house-ware: chairs, tables, and accessories. The Kysset lounge chair is boasted as being the most recognisable chair in Norwegian design history, and I can see why. This chair is simple, but the cross leg design gives it a bold appearance worthy of any space. I simply love the detailing on this piece, the way the rope is threaded through the wood to hold the chair back in place creates a strong profile and a great focal point for the piece. I also appreciate the ways this chair can be customised by using different wood, leather, and textile options.

The Evja coffee table is a simple statement piece that is designed in three different sizes. Each of these options features beautiful wood grain and curved edges. The lack of sharp corners almost makes this table feel like it was carved from a single piece of wood. The Isbjørn polar bear statue is a striking accessory piece. Despite the fact that it lacks many identifiable features, the main elements are used to imply the stance of an inquisitive polar bear.

The simple, yet striking appearance of each of these pieces is what unites this body of work. Even as each one was originally created by a different designer. This company takes a fresh, exciting look at the forgotten world of Norwegian design. As viewers, we are oh so fortunate they have decided to share what they have found.


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