The Opulent & Imperfect – Noviembre Furniture Collection by BREUER

Mexico-based studio BREUER have asked some interesting questions in this new collection of work for 2020 titled ‘Noviembre’. The collection itself consists of tables, seating, and other decorative pieces that have been crafted to make the onlooker explore form and function in more detail.

You may have immediately noted the inspiration of Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi in this series. This was used as a starting point for more exploration, with BREUER creative director Joel Escalona wondering whether it’s possible to personify emotions or sensations in objects without the physical appearance manipulating how we perceive them.

Brancusi used simplified figures free from any ornamental attributes, hoping to realise “the true essence of things” through his sculpture. Joel riffed on the abstracted bird form by Brancusi and carried this through the collection, making mobiles, chair legs, and other sculptural objects that all carry this aesthetic. I even noted an Isamu Noguchi reference in one of the tables and chairs.

Overall a wonderful series full of creative and quirky ideas. Mexico’s architects and designers have been hitting it out of the park recently and I will be adding BREUER and designer Joel Escalona to this list! See more of their work on the links below.


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