Black & White Lacquer Woodwork – Hiroyuki Sugawara for OEN Shop


Ordering from afar it’s rare that I get to see the real beauty of these objects until they arrive in the studio. I’m sure some might class this as a risk, but I trust our makers have a great eye for quality and have honed their craft. One who I particularly admire is woodworker Hiroyuki Sugawara, we don’t receive all that many shipments from him but when we do I open each with sheer delight.

As we’ve handled his spoons and cutlery for a number of years now, I knew it would be quite special to stock some larger works. This week we have received some white lacquer plates, soup bowls and small cups for snacks and the like. Alongside, we have also received some very large lacquer bowls which are majestic in appearance and are full of character.

Measuring in at approximately 30cm in diameter and 11cm in height, a tall piece with quite a bit of weight to it, this vessel has been hand turned on the lathe by Hiroyuki out of Zelkova. He’s then applied black lacquer and has slowly built up the layers, it’s only under the light you see some of the redish-brown tones and wood grain shining through. Overall a beautiful piece, much like all the other work that he produces at his workshop named Greenlight in Saitama, Japan. Here’s a selection of photos from our newest selection, all of which are now available to purchase in the shop.

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