New at OEN – Teapots by JINSUI

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We’re thrilled to introduce you to the Jinsui Teapots – TOKI collection, a fusion of tea artistry and timeless design. These teapots embody the spirit of “TOKIWASURE,” a beautiful act of losing oneself in the world of tea, inviting you to savour tranquil moments like never before.

Our journey takes us back to the Edo period, deep into the heart of Tokoname City’s craftsmanship. Here, tradition and modernity harmoniously converge, giving rise to the exquisite TOKI teapots. These vessels not only cradle tea but also encapsulate the essence of Japanese tea ceremonies, a true embodiment of elegance.

As a special treat, we’re offering free shipping for a limited time. Don’t miss the chance to bring a touch of tranquility into your teatime rituals with Jinsui’s TOKI teapots.

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