Beyond Light – Xrayography Photography by Albert Koetsier

A picture of a flower, an insect, a seashell. These natural objects have a beauty all of their own. But just as anything that we experience many times over, there’s a sense of normality as we shrug off the uniqueness of these “things”.

Beyond Light uses a type of photography called Xrayography. This is a method of using x-ray machines to develop photos. The result is a stunning image that is childlike, slightly spooky and ethereal at the same time. It also allows for a more detailed view of the photographic subject.

Albert Koetsier is the genius behind Beyond Light. After stumbling on some old x-ray equipment he decided to use it in the development of his photos. He found the resulting art to have a beauty that was worth capturing and capitalising on.

Koetsier has captured many delightful images using his Xrayography methods. One can appreciate the spindly leaves of the plants along with the deeply detailed petal patterns.

The Anthropic Principle is a cosmological principle that theories of the universe are constrained to allow for human existence. This is apparent in the reverse methods used to produce an anatomical view of a flower against a dark background. It hints at something deeper and forced but lovely at the same time.

The images Koetsier creates are haunting and seductive. Their classic look defies genre making them truly timeless. See more like this on his portfolio linked below.


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