Imagery From Shinya

I wanted to draw everyone’s attention to the beautiful imagery over on Flickr by Shinya, a film photographer with an eye for capturing beauty in both human form and also the surroundings that he comes across. His images are full of rich colour which are quite subtle in tone and are far from over powering, everything feels so natural and relaxed – it’s all shot the way in which photography should be.

Taking a candid approach to creating, Shinya shoots a handful of subjects who repeatedly appear in his portfolio. Through switching up the locations Shinya is able to keep his photos familiar yet refreshing which in turn has rewarded him with quite a loyal following.

Publishing his images over on Flickr, Shinya doesn’t divulge too much information about himself which kind of adds to the mystery of his work. He’s very much a behind the scenes type of photographer but in all honesty I think you will agree that his work speaks for itself really. Be sure to look out for more works from Shinya through the link below, he’s quite a frequent creator and is well worth an add.


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