Set of Imagery from Katie Quinn Davies

If you’re a fan of home cooked rustic food and you’ve not come across the photographic work of Katie Quinn Davies yet then you’re in for a real treat. The Dublin native spent many years globe trotting, experiencing Europe, the Americas and Australia working as an art director for some of most innovating design studios around before deciding to concentrate solely on photography.

Being immersed in all this cultural diversity on her travels, Katie has picked up quite a refined taste for quality produce and homely food which has been reflected in her wonderful portfolio of photographs. I’ve taken a slice of some my personal favourites to bring across to you all which are quite literally mouthwatering, these just make you want to get in the kitchen and get creating.

Her candid style fits right into our archive and is pretty on trend for us given we’ve just featured an exclusive preview of the latest issue of Kinfolk, Volume 2. I think whats most impressive about Katie’s work is the combination of textures and colours which really grabs you as a viewer, they’re really something special.

If you’ve got some spare time on your hands why not head on through to her page, get a little inspired and get cooking. Nothing brings a group of people together more than fine food and relaxed conversation, especially at this extra cold time of the year.

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