A conversation with Josh Vogel by YHBHS

I wouldn’t say that we regularly point out interviews on other websites, usually we save this for the twitter account, but last night I got really into this piece by a blog titled You Have Been Here Sometime. I wouldn’t say it’s an interview in a normal format, it’s pretty much a dialogue between two artists/craftsmen, one being the interviewer and the other being Josh Vogel.

Now if you don’t remember Josh Vogel has made an appearance on the site before thanks to The Scout who put together a fantastic video on him and his work. Josh is the owner and founder of Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Co in Kingston, New York where he creates large-scale sculptural wood turnings from Walnut, Catalpa, Maple, and other hardwoods. YHBHS put together questions that were not only concise but quite thought provoking in terms of the past and present, the objects being a reflection of our culture, and also why people are seeking “authenticity” in design. I think I’ve mentioned a few times about my interest in designed objects and how they relate to human beings, so this sort of confirms that and really offers up an interesting standpoint in my opinion. Josh seems like a really smart and genuine guy, this thing is littered with quotes that are pretty inspiring. This is my recommended read this morning, also check out a collection of imagery from the interview below and a little quote from the piece that I really liked.

“I believe in the beauty of basics & I believe in an essential spirit that transcends both context & material. Right now, I hope that the objects I make help people connect themselves with the spirit in which they were made.” – Josh Vogel



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