Cubic Geometry – Concrete Modular Sculptures by Artist David Umemoto

I’m always fascinated by the fact that we as humans create and make in a number of different ways. Obviously you have someone who is trying to achieve something in a similar way but using different techniques, but then you have those who are really free hand with their creations and not structured at all. On the opposite end of the scale is those who are very deliberate with their actions, or using geometry and architectural-type techniques to construct their works. Depending on how we are wired and taught we tend to gravitate towards these different styles.

Canada-based artist David Umemoto caught my attention for his bold sculptures that are made from concrete. He is trained as an architect and has worked on many projects spanning the fields of art, design and architecture. These sculptures involve modular elements that come together to create full structures. Actually, the last image gives us a glimpse in to the processes that he goes through to create these, using foam and other pieces of board to create the unique structures, it’s quite incredible to see.

A small selection of sculptures can be purchased on his website, as well as prints that you can place on your wall. I recommend going over and supporting him if you like his works, they’re really great and hope he continues his journey in making them. Enjoy.


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