Exploring Spacial Composition – Porcelain Geometric Sculptures by Susan Phillips

The more I handle different materials the more I realise the possibilities in each and the ways in which you can manipulate them. I think it’s also important to take in to consideration the properties of the materials, for example glass is translucent and can be layered to achieve different effects. As I work with ceramic myself it’s easy to understand the working processes of these makers and also marvel at how they’re able to create such works.

One artist who caught my attention is Susan Phillips, who has been making these geometric sculptures from porcelain that you see above and below. I was interested to read her bio which noted her interest in modelling and planning, which was one of the first thoughts that came to mind. Depending on how the sections of these sculptures are configured they create architectural spaces with simple, dividing planes. In an abstract way they show how only simple elements can confine our point of view and change the way in which we perceive something.

Anyway, here’s a selection of imagery from her website but more can be found on the link below. It will be interesting to see where she can take this series and how it can be built upon in the future. Enjoy.



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