Exploring Organic & Linear Form – Wooden Mobiles by Noah Spencer of Fort Makers


I’ve been admiring these fantastic mobiles made by Noah Spencer, co-founder of the Brooklyn-based collaborative art group Fort Makers. The concept behind Fort Makers is to launch emerging artists’ careers and to work in collaboration with one another. Before working under the name Fort Makers, Noah mentored under furniture designers Patrick Townsend, Paul Loebach and Uhuru Design. Now he’s been producing these mobiles that are constructed using various types of wood, such as oak, pine, cherry and maple.

Partly inspired by the Bauhaus, as well as the idea of making functional and interactive art, each piece is one of a kind and features the marks of the maker. These particular mobiles are different from his furniture making, but I really admire the creativity in the selection of wood used and the geometric shapes that are strung together and balanced accordingly.

It doesn’t come as surprise to me then that Noah was raised in the mountains near Boulder, Colorado and has no doubt translated this in to his work. He’s now using these natural materials in a way that talks to our modern environment, and I suppose this is what craft is about in many homes in this day and age. Even if we don’t do it purposely we’re attracted to these natural materials and the way that they feel in our hand, as well as the functionality that another human being can bring in to our lives. I guess that’s the concept of our own store in many ways. Hopefully you like these and will take some inspiration from this creativity that Noah has put forward.










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