Works by Japanese Ceramic Artist Shinobu Hashimoto


These past two days I’ve featured a couple of inspiring individuals on the blog that I happened to run into over the weekend. Maybe I should give this out and about ‘design hunting’ more of a go in the future! Today I decided to select some inspiring work by Japanese ceramic artist Shinobu Hashimoto, who was featured amongst many talented creators at the Ceramic Art show that took place in London.

One thing that’s nice when you attend an event like this is that you can actually pick up the work and respect the quality and form of each. The problem with photos and imagery of pottery is that you can’t get a feel for the thickness of the walls and the texture on the surface, also the glint of the glaze in natural light. Shinobu Hashimoto is a fascinating artist in this regard, using extraordinary gold glitter alongside a black backing which almost makes the pots look strong and sturdy like ironware.

Shinobu was born in Tokyo in 1969, and set up Tenstone studio and gallery in Hokkaido, Japan. His aim is to create ceramics that suit our modern lifestyle, keeping the design simple with only a few embellishments, staying true to the original texture and form. You can definitely see his hard work and eye for detail prevail in the final works, each is made on the wheel and then finished with a mixture of his own special techniques. To see some of these you can head over to his Youtube account where he documents some of the ongoings in Tenstone studio, such as making on the wheel, glazing and even cutting brass to create the metal handles for his teapots.

I’ve pulled up some photos to represent the shapes in his collection, from 2011, 2012, and also some from his newer range this year, which are absolutely fabulous by the way. I’d definitely recommend getting your hands on a few pieces if possible, one place that will be showcasing these is Gallery Eclectic in Marylebone High Street, London. So for any of you in the UK you can get a glimpse of these between 17th of April and 19th of May 2013, you won’t be dissapointed. For now enjoy the imagery, more can be seen on Shinobu’s website.













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  • sandy

    Absolute perfection is not easily found and certainly rarely made. Beautiful.

  • John

    Simplicity is beauty, thank you

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