Tajika Haruo, Ironworks

I’m always fascinated in crafts and different aspects of design, particularly those ones that are handcrafted. Japan seems to be a big influencer and has some great individuals creating fantastic work in the ceramics, furniture and metal work fields. Today I picked out Tajika Harauo ironworks, they have been producing handcrafted scissors in Ono city Japan for over four generations. They’re a father and son team who make everything by hand, the metal is tempered by heat and is then shaped with a hammer. This practice of passing down tradition is very rare to find these days and is pretty much becoming endangered, dying out.

The utensils that they make are substantial in size and weight, being ergonomically pleasant in the hand so it can serve it’s purpose in the most functional manner. Check out the picture of the hammer in the below set for example which is worn in to fit the hand of the artist, such a personal instrument that aids them with their work on a daily basis. Obviously the metal will age over time and will generate it’s own individual character, this is the beauty of this sort of product. I think it’s definitely worth an investment, the best place I found to buy them is Mjolk in Canada but I’m sure if you give it a quick search online you might find a few other stores selling them. You can view some of my favourite imagery below, featuring the simplistic lines of their scissors and also some shots from inside the workshop in Japan.