Kaksikko – Furniture & Tableware by Salla Luhtasela and Wesley Walters

As a photographer of all the products in our shop, I think it makes sense that I would be inspired by product photography and the way in which some photographers are able to communicate the product and its values through the way that they photography. Yes, you have the design of the product, but you also have to consider the tone of the lighting and the surroundings, especially when it comes to natural-looking photography taken in the immediate environment. Not only was I captivated by the design of these products and furniture by Studio Kaksikko, I also admired the way in which they capture their products.

Studio Kaksikko consists of Helsinki-based designers Salla Luhtasela and Wesley Walter who specialise in the design of ceramic tableware and wooden furniture. They both have a shared interest in designing functional, understated forms that highlight the materials qualities in the best possible way. Meeting at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture they were able to combine their skill sets to make a selection of work that was really considered.

My favourite has to be the furniture which is simple but really striking. The way they’ve been able to curve the wood and then use flat and angular elements is not only modern but traditional as well. The Maissi Bench, seen above, was inspired by old stair handrails and industrial machinery parts. The curved elements are made by laminating thin strips of oak over moulds and routing them into cylinders, which is quite exciting to see. Actually, I would love to see a series of works using this production method. For now you can admire their work on the link below, they are sure to produce more great pieces in the future. Enjoy.



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