Hand Turned Wooden Bowls from Kihachi at OEN Shop


The Kihachi Workshop is one of those mysterious companies steeped in history, heritage and tradition. In fact, they’re the oldest manufacturer of wooden wares in Yamanaka, a region in Japan known for its exquisite lacquerware. Kihachi have perfected the art of vessel making, producing a variety of functional objects that are contemporary but handcrafted.

Created with the help of a rokuro, basically a converted potters wheel, they can make these wooden vessels extremely thin and almost ceramic like in form. Our newest selection shows the wood in all it’s beauty, this time the oak variety. Two of my favourite pieces are the Butterfly Bowl and the Kashiwan Y Type Bowl, both are cut in slightly, one at the rim and the other at the foot, and have fantastic surface markings. These are naturally occurring in the wood and make each bowl one of a kind, definitely a vessel worth cherishing.

To protect these vessels Kihachi have developed a urethane coating that makes them fully useable for both food and liquids (as long as they’re cared for properly of course). For our full selection of bowls from Kihachi please head on over to the shop by clicking the link below.

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