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A new film filters in from the ever eye pleasing Todd Selby, the well known fashion photographer and illustrator. Although The Selby as a site usually gives us an insiders view of creative individuals, this new video has a slight twist. Filmed in Rockaway Queens, NYC, on August 31st, they visit a ni

I found this mesmerising video by Joon Moon called Augmented Shadow. This was a design experiment that produced an artificial shadow effect through the use of tangible objects on a displayable tabletop interface. The goals is to offer a new type of user-experience, with the project playing on the fa

Justin Demetrician is an animator and designer, currently studying at Full Sail University in Florida. I discovered some of his motion works a few weeks back, but totally forgot about showcasing him. He’s a very talented guy, who in my eye, hasn’t been spotlighted too much over the web.