Author: Mark Robinson

Japan based video artist Tetsumasa Saito created this eye pleasing experience titled Nirvana which is very evocative and melodious, crafted to engadge without overpowering its viewer. This is one of the most easy on the eye and relaxing pieces ive found over at Vimeo, and it’s evident this pro

Fine art styled photography collection from Gustav Willeit who can be currently located around Corvara in Badia, Italy, these are just stunning in every aspect of the word, the clean sharp capture combined with the vast and beautiful landscapes is the perfect combination for visual success. These so

Were back with another California Institute of the Arts student and its not because there paying me to publish their students work, but the creative’s coming out of Cal Arts are making some serious noise online already, and they’ve not even graduated yet. The guilty party this time is tw

This short motion piece by Hyunjoo Song is based on the tale of Little Red Riding Hood. This was made for a final project, it really moved me when i watched it. I enjoyed the classic sketches and how they have been arranged, a very individualistic style. The characters have a twist and are very [&he

Romanian creative Rares Morph brings this great little series of imagery titled Dream Path which is typical of the styling which runs alongside the regular pieces that he creates. I guess we are following a little bit of a theme through from yesterday with the vivid set from Ausadavut Sarum, these l

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