Author: Mark Robinson

Many of us the world over hear each day in the news about how the economic downturn is affecting the prospects of our young people, so it's refreshing to hear an alternative story in this short film about Ben Kandel. One of the positives for design is that the financial climate has presented us with

I think when you appreciate well made objects with an individual twist you’re always going to be drawn to articles of the past. Particularly now the preference for many manufacturers is speed and low cost, it’s hard not to admire the chair thats been constructed in days and not minutes for examp

I’m not too fond of cropping pictures like I have here but I couldn’t bare to stretch these images to fit our current size, they’re just too perfect. Melbourne based freelance photographer Olga Bennett has featured once before on the format with her stunning series named ‘Environments’ whi

I found this inspiring video on leather goods company ColsenKeane, definitely worth viewing on this bright but wet Friday morning here in England. Founder Scott Hofert takes us into his workshop and his daily job, showing us what it's like to be in their workshop cutting the leather and stitching to

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