Ryan Schude really does create some eye popping scenes with his photographic work at times, with this in mind I felt he was more than deserving of a spot in our format today. Browsing though his more recent portfolio pieces I found this neat set of creative portraits, which contain so much character

You may think this is some sort of offensive piece directed at New York. Not at all. It’s a piece of music by Fescal with a video to along side it. I’m feeling a bit topsy turvy today in the way of thinking, so this suited my mind frame perfectly. It’s pretty simple, the short [&he

I found this piece sitting over on Vimeo with just above a hundred views, I guess today must be my lucky day. Brian E. Bennett of Dynasty Films brings us this stunning piece of production created as a visual journey through the Winnemem Wintu’s sacred land in northen California. If you don&#82