Atlanta based photographer and creative mind John Kelso brings us a small collection of his work, I wanted to showcase his eye for natural tones and also the subtle personality in each of his pieces. A lot of Johns work is inspired by people, presenting them on Flickr and his own personal web space.

Ryan Schude really does create some eye popping scenes with his photographic work at times, with this in mind I felt he was more than deserving of a spot in our format today. Browsing though his more recent portfolio pieces I found this neat set of creative portraits, which contain so much character

You may think this is some sort of offensive piece directed at New York. Not at all. It’s a piece of music by Fescal with a video to along side it. I’m feeling a bit topsy turvy today in the way of thinking, so this suited my mind frame perfectly. It’s pretty simple, the short [&he