Residing In Burcharest, Romania Roxana Enache is the creative mind behind this small collection of photography which is based around the concept of Dehydration. We see a lone individual used here submersed in water at points which is obviously a visual contradiction of losing excessive amounts of bo

Hampus Karlsson is a Graphic Designer, Editor and Photographer who was curious to see if he could create a pinhole effect while still using a digital slr camera. What we see bellow is the results of this project which has come out pretty well in my opinion, I love the soft focus on these. Hampus [&h

American creative Laura Kicey always produces colourful and captivating collections of imagery which are unique and concept driven. Today she presents us with this set of photos of an old abandoned home which she stumbled upon whilst driving the back roads of the rural pennsylvanian town of palmyra.

Creative mind Caleb Wood brings us this great little animation which was designed around the concept of term wake Caleb was fascinated with the idea of changing from one state to another. This is quite similar to other pieces that Mr Wood has created in the past, and he seems to like to create proje

Taipei, Taiwan creative collective Blanq are known for there creation of projects in many mediums with work from their creatives crafted through the use of design, style, photography, video and artistic creation. With all these skill sets available Blanq is able to attract clients of a larger preced

Currently residing in Israel Tel Aviv creative mind Eran Hilleli recently graduated from the Bezalel Academy where he studied the production of Animation. Today he brings us the very piece of work that helped him to graduate with such flying colours and praise. Between Bears is a captivating, inspir