I found this short little animation which has been hand drawn and processed by Columbian creative artist Miguel Jara over at Vimeo, this been the latest in a long line of similar pieces that Miguel has been creating. Im pretty fond of what we have here its a real personal insight into the mind of [&

Spanish creative mind Victoria Minana brings us this collection of experimental imagery which is titled Nocturnos and is shot entirely in the dark of night. We are presented with such a contrast of darkness and light here with the key aspects of each scene Victoria wanted to highlight being cast as

Photographer Romain Laurent has been rewarded for being innovative over the years with an impressive client list and representations on international magazine Bransch. Today he brings us a photo series that not is immensely innovative and creative but also very puzzling for the viewer, I mean we all

Around a month ago video creative Pierre released a piece called Temple Of Ice to the viewers over at Vimeo, at the time it wasn’t brought across as we had already filled the format for that day, but he has recently created a shorter edited version so here it is for us all to view. […]