Juan Rayos is a Spanish based creative that takes photographs, films his friends skateboarding, and much much more. But what really caught my eye were these beautiful Moleskine pages in which he has created. Basically he’s took a Moleskine and has annotated each page with striking imagery and

It would seem that kids these day’s are getting inventive when breaking the law, and this short film titled Robo-Rainbow is all the evidence needed to conclude the debate. This innovative project was derived around the idea of ” Instruments of Mass Destructions” which is defined by

German graduate Misha Shyukin brings us this stunning abstract styled piece of work which he created for his final year of his degree. It really is quite something special, holding a natural look which is believable and genuine even though it has been completely fabricated by Misha digitally. The pi

You can always rely on New Zealand based creative Blake Myers to produce something vivid and imaginative when everything else seems to be a little too bland and mundane. After a long while crawling the web for creative projects I decided to give Blake’s page a visit and I wasn’t disappoi

Captivating narration meets refined visuals in a short film titled “The Immigrant” which is presented to us from Mississippi based company Autofuss. Directed by Jeff Linnel this piece takes the approach that less is more, crafting a functional yet imaginative project which is structured

Some terrific work by Japanese designer Oji Masanori. He mainly designs products that you would find in everyday life. Most of these have been simplified down to the bare essentials, leaving little excess. Oji also says that he wants these pieces to connect with individuals and for them to fit comfo