Creative mind Caleb Wood brings us this great little animation which was designed around the concept of term wake Caleb was fascinated with the idea of changing from one state to another. This is quite similar to other pieces that Mr Wood has created in the past, and he seems to like to create proje

Taipei, Taiwan creative collective Blanq are known for there creation of projects in many mediums with work from their creatives crafted through the use of design, style, photography, video and artistic creation. With all these skill sets available Blanq is able to attract clients of a larger preced

Currently residing in Israel Tel Aviv creative mind Eran Hilleli recently graduated from the Bezalel Academy where he studied the production of Animation. Today he brings us the very piece of work that helped him to graduate with such flying colours and praise. Between Bears is a captivating, inspir

Dutch photographer Joel Tjinjelaar consistently produces looks simular to the ones we see here which are mysterious stark and surreal, his flickr account is in fact littered with this style of work. He says he loves black and white photography because “with the removal of color the essence of