Residing in San Francisco Sean Mullens has plenty of competition around him, and perhaps this is what inspired him to create this great little film called Birthright. Both personal and insightful Mullens provides us with a short production about One man’s struggle to transcend, we follow a man

Creative looks from Photographer Ben Goossens who resides in Willebroek, Belgium, having worked 35 years as an Art Director in the advertising sector Ben has taken up creating these experimental/surrealistic photo-montages as his main passion and hobby. He states that what he does now is a logical f

Recreating photography classics through the use of digital illustration creative artist Antonio has crafted the following series by merging pixels to combine a vivid look with iconic recognition. Located in Bergamo, Italy Antonio runs what he calls his window to the world Village 9991 where he showc

I found this trailer for this great little visual works on the animation channel over at Vimeo, created by French students Anthony Vivien, Marc Bouyer, Max Loubaresse, Cyrille Marchesseau and Mael Vigraux. This is just so infectious and its hard not to crack out a smile while watching Im hoping they

We’ve had an abundance of good photographers crop up over the past few days. This work by Ali Bosworth is specifically taken from the fall 2009 series, which i thought was most recent. But the other photography is really on point aswell, very nostalgic in it’s tone. It’s all about