Granted this is a bit of a mixed bag of imagery i’ve selected from Detroit based creative Tony Katai, but i’m pretty fond of what I found over on his Flickr page, he’s got some stunning stills. This great abstract approach to capturing the human form brings us some really captivati

Some great illustrations by a woman named Lucy Wragg, a graduate from the University of Westminster. I picked a specific series in which she did for her final major, involving various different animals. Titled ‘anthropomorphism’, these drawings are very quirky, and are littered with humo

Seatle born creative JonJon brings us this short abstract piece he created while working on his course of study at the Art Center College of Design Pasadena in California. His objective was to create a mood piece evocative/expressive of a particular environment, using movement and/or negative moveme

wether you like Star wars or not, you can’t help but enjoy the craft of animator Eric Power in this short visual works, the piece was actually created in promotion of the backing track which is by Jeremy Messersmith. Turning the classic film into a paper version remake Eric animates this short

A quirky video made by Remi called Shaky Moments, obviously he’s referring to the camera not being stabilised in the video (ie being shaky). This film was shot in Les Hortillonnages, Amiens, France, on an early morning trip. It’s only a short one, but it’s full of character and the